NOT A PHASE KINKY Punk · Emo · Metalcore PARTY

Kinky sex party for fans of

Punk · Emo · Metalcore · Post-Hardcore · Nu Metal · Alternative · Trancecore · Queercore

MARCH 22, 2024 | Hamburg, Germany


Wild, full of energy and euphoria!

We - the [esc]ape collective - invite you on March 22, 2024 to the third NOT A PHASE at the legendary rock club "headCRASH" in Hamburg!

NOT A PHASE is the kinky-positive sex party with your favorite music. For Punk, Emo, Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Nu Metal, Alternative, Trancecore, and Queercore fans by lovers of these genres.

Enjoy yourself on five floors across two levels. All sexual interests, (non-)genders, and sexualities are welcome here. Celebrate your favorite songs, experience three live bands, meet new people, and be active!

Get your ticket today! All NOT A PHASE parties were sold out!

With music from artists like ...

... and +44 · A Day To Remember · AFI · Against The Current · Alesana · Alexisonfire · Annisokay · As I Lay Dying · Atreyu · Attack Attack! · Avril Lavigne · Billy Talent · Bowling For Soup · Bring Me the Horizon · Crossfaith · Driveways · Electric Callboy · Enter Shikari · Evanescence · Fights And Fires · Fit For Rivals · From First to Last · Good Charlotte · Guano Apes · Hall Of The Elders · Hands Off Gretel · Hawthorne Heights · Heaven Shall Burn · Hey Monday · Hit The Lights · I Prevail · I See Stars · Jimmy Eat World · Linkin Park · Made It Simple · Mayday Parade · Misconduct · Motionless In White · Northlane · Our Mirage · P.O.D. · Papa Roach · Parkway Drive · Pennywise · Red Handed Denial · RedHook · Rise Against · Sable Hills · Saosin · SecondShot · Senses Fail · Silverstein · Sleeping With Sirens · Slipknot · Suckerpunch! · The Ataris · The Browning · The Nearly Deads · The Offspring · The Oozes · The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus · Three Times Royal · Two And A Half Girl · Venues · Wage War · Watch Out Stampede · We Butter The Bread With Butter · We The Kings · While She Sleeps · Witch Fever · Woe, Is Me · Zahna · zebrahead


Celebrate your favorite songs and discover new music!

Punk Rock // Hamburg · · ·
Metalcore // Soltau · · ·
Modern Metalcore // Oldenburg · · ·
DJ // Berlin ·


Enjoy a kinky evening the way you like it. Whether on the dance floor, at one of the bars, in our chill-out areas, or with sex, a BDSM or bondage session – all of this has its place at NOT A PHASE.

Dance Floor

With a live stage, kinky play area with a view of the stage, retreats for relaxing, DJ booth & bar (moderate club prices)

Kinky Play Area

With large beds, seating furniture, St. Andrew's cross, spanking bench, cage & bar (moderate club prices)

2 Chill-Out Areas

With comfortable seating furniture, large beds & get-to-know-each-other games (moderated by us, including Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, Miniature Beer Pong)

Extra Couples Area

*new* only for couples & trios (whether in relationshop or just met) - with comfortable seating, laying and BDSM furniture

Toilets & Shower

Toilets with urinals & toilets without urinals on the ground floor and first floor, plus a single toilet with shower for everyone on the ground floor

Checkrooms & Lockers

2 permanently open checkrooms (€2/item) and 108 lockers (30cm * 45cm * 30cm, each €5 - lockers are only offered in pre-sale)

Separated Smoking Area

Smoking is prohibited on all floors at NOT A PHASE. If you want to smoke, you can do so in the designated, separated smoking area.


If you get hungry at NOT A PHASE, we will provide you with free small snacks throughout the event, as well as free pretzels and our legendary cotton candy starting at 00:30 am.

Our Dress Code: kinky Rockstar

The most intense and wild nights happen when all visitors step out of their daily outfit comfort zone! Therefore, choose an outfit that you wouldn't wear in everyday life or at a regular rock music party and in which you can express yourself at NOT A PHASE.

Combine with your outfit in equal parts

Rock Aesthetics

e.g. Metal, Emo/Scene, Goth, (Skater/Pop) Punk, Grunge, Glam, Rockabilly/Psychobilly, New Wave, Riot, Brit Pop/Indie, Alternative, Visual Kei, Rockers/Bikers



e.g. kinky lacquer clothing, kinky leather clothing, Latex, Fetish, BDSM accessories, sexy/naughty clothing, exciting lingerie, harness, kinky masks, nylon, net, ropes, kinky body paint/makeup, kinky (BDSM) roleplay, naughty Cosplay, Petplay, bare skin

Entry to NOT A PHASE will only be granted with an outfit that complies with the dress code. To speed up the admission, have a photo of your outfit ready at the entrance. You can then change in front of the wardrobe or the lockers. Outfits and all items brought must be free of religious, political, patriotic and military elements.


Unsure what to wear? Use our Outfit Check!

We know that sometimes it's not easy - especially during the first visits to kinky parties - to find the right outfit. Feel free to use our outfit check.

Send us a photo or description of your planned outfit or any clothing items you think might be suitable. Every submission receives detailed feedback from us. We will help you find your perfect outfit. Of course, we will handle all photos discreetly, and will not share or publish them. If you can't or don't want to use the outfit check, feel free to bring several outfit alternatives.

Shopping Tip

Are you still looking for a suitable outfit for NOT A PHASE? Here you will find what you're looking for:

DARKSIDE BOUTIQUE, Reeperbahn 152, 20359 Hamburg (call ahead to see if the 1st floor with a great outfit selection is open)

More Information

  • If you ever need help at NOT A PHASE, can't handle a situation, or something seems off to you, please speak to us at any time. You can identify our crew by the [esc]ape collective crew badges that we wear around our necks.

    Furthermore, the [esc]ape collective's Awareness Team - the Unicorns, recognizable by their glowing unicorn horns - are present on all floors. They are there to help you at any time and ensure the rules are followed at NOT A PHASE.

  • Anyone who misbehaves at NOT A PHASE will be removed immediately from the event by us or our security team. If you notice any rule violations, please report them to us!

    Our rules:

    Rule 1: Only a "Yes" means "Yes"!
    Before you enter the personal space of one or more persons, get verbal consent for any interaction from all involved. Only do with others what they have clearly verbally agreed to.

    Exception: On the dance floor, physical contact in the form of a mosh pit, etc., is generally allowed as long as it does not have a sexual context. As everywhere else, any sexually connoted physical contact is only permitted on the dance floor with clear verbal consent from all involved. Crowd Surfing, Wrecking, Violent Dancing, and other comparable dance styles inspired by fighting are not allowed at NOT A PHASE.

    Rule 2: No drugs, no cameras, no phones (technical devices must remain at the wardrobe).

    Rule 3: No fireplay, no wax-play, no bloodplay, no electro play, no holding of rituals, no caviar, no golden showers (except in the shower), no carrying or using sharp blades (exception: scissors or similar as a safety instrument in bondage), weapons (including replicas), and objects that lead to immediate open wounds or long-term damage.

  • To make contact with other visitors at NOT A PHASE easier, you can pick up as many of our brightly colored glow bracelets as you like from our glow bracelets stand at the entrance of the dancefloor, just like at all [esc]ape collective parties.

    Our color codes
    ► green: talk to me
    ► blue: here for the first time
    ► pink: I'm up for sex
    ► orange: I'm into BDSM
    ► yellow: I'm submissive
    ► red: I'm dominant

    If you want to wear different bracelets during the night, you can pick them up later at the glow bracelets stand.

  • Join our tours through our location at 9:30 PM or 10 PM. The meeting point for the tours is next to the DJ booth on the dance floor. We will show you the venue and answer all the questions we had before attending our first kinky parties.

  • In every room, or near all play stations and lying areas, you will find our hygiene stations, consisting of condoms, lubricant, disinfectant spray, wipes, plastic gloves, and trash bins. Please use these, remove your shoes before using the lying areas, etc., and clean your play areas after use. Additionally, our crew regularly cleans all play surfaces and lying meadows. If you need dental dams, you will find them in the large hygiene station in the main playroom with the mattresses.

    In unseren toilets, you will find more hygiene products next to the sink. Furthermore, use our toilet cabines one at a time.

    If you find a place messy or something is missing, speak to our team. We're happy to help.

  • NOT A PHASE is aimed at individuals, groups, and couples who are interested in the music concept of NOT A PHASE, are sex-positive, relaxed, and open-minded. All sexual interests, (non-)genders, and sexualities are welcome!

  • NOT A PHASE begins at 10:30 PM. We want to provide all guests with the same experience of a kinky-positive sex party that becomes increasingly intense throughout the evening. Therefore, our admission takes place exclusively between 8:30 and 10:15 PM. If you have no way of arriving on time, please contact us.

  • Sex toys, BDSM tools, and bondage items are not provided by us. However, you can bring them as long as they do not violate our rules.


Tickets for NOT A PHASE

We can only grant you access to NOT A PHASE with a ticket purchased in advance from our ticket provider To receive the ticket link, select a ticket on this website, click on "Buy Tickets" and complete the registration form. In the registration confirmation, which you will send after our review of the registration, you will receive the link to our ticket shop.

Presale Price Tier 1

limited to 50 tickets - sold out

  • Admission in compliance with the admission times, dress code and our rules.
  • Access to NOT A PHASE from 8:30 to 10:15 PM (contact us if arriving later)
  • Hygiene products, condoms, dental dams, snacks, cotton candy, and pretzels free of charge
  • Your first time? Tour at 9:15 and 9:45 PM
Presale Price Tier 2

limited to 50 tickets - sold out

  • Admission in compliance with the admission times, dress code and our rules.
  • Access to NOT A PHASE from 8:30 to 10:15 PM (contact us if arriving later)
  • Hygiene products, condoms, dental dams, snacks, cotton candy, and pretzels free of charge
  • Your first time? Tour at 9:15 and 9:45 PM
Presale Price Tier 3

limited standard ticket

  • Admission in compliance with the admission times, dress code and our rules.
  • Access to NOT A PHASE from 8:30 to 10:15 PM (contact us if arriving later)
  • Hygiene products, condoms, dental dams, snacks, cotton candy, and pretzels free of charge
  • Your first time? Tour at 9:15 and 9:45 PM

Note that drinks (moderate club prices) and coat check (2 euros per item) or a locker are not included in the event price. At the club, you can pay at the bar with cash or an EC/credit card, but only cash is accepted at the coat check.

Buy Tickets

Our top priority is that NOT A PHASE is a safer space for all attendees. Therefore, we would like to get to know you virtually before sending you the link to purchase tickets. Fill out this form (it takes less than 5 minutes), we'll check your registration and respond shortly afterward. Thank you! :)

Alternatively, you can register on JoyClub (Link to the event on JoyClub) and we will check your profile there.

The [esc]ape Collective

The NOT A PHASE is organized by the [esc]ape collective from Hamburg.

[esc]ape Collective from Hamburg

We, the [esc]ape collective, are a group of young people. For many years, our group members have created safer spaces - places where you can be free and express yourself. In 2022, we joined forces to organize colorful, intense, and especially diverse kinky parties in Hamburg.

In December 2022, we launched the [esc]ape party, our first kinky-positive sex party series. Our visitors can enjoy the electronic music of our DJs and artist performances, meet new people, and be active.

With NOT A PHASE, we create a safe space for fans of various rock music subgenres that have been popular since the 2000s. We create a place where we can celebrate this music together and our visitors can do in kinky activities.